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Lukas Coffey

Data Engineering Intern at Capital One
& Founder at The Science of Data

Why The Science of Data

My name is Lukas, and I'm studying Computational Modeling & Data Analytics at Virginia Tech. Sometime in the Fall of 2019 I was getting my car fixed and had an idea for a resource that could be a help to my fellow CMDA students and aspiring data scientists like me. I wanted to help explain some of those concepts that I had found confusing and complex in my learning. I hope this website serves as a great resource for the next generation of data professionals.

My Story

I started coding when I was 15. I learned HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript and started building simple websites for everyone I could. At the time I was actually heading for nursing school, but once I got there I found out it was not for me. I really loved coding, so I added a CMS to my toolbox and that got me a job with a marketing agency in Blacksburg as a software engineer doing web development. I'd also heard about a field called "applied statistics" which turned out to be data science, and it absolutely fascinated me. I got into the CMDA at Virginia Tech, and here I am.

I still have a passion for the medical field, and am a volunteer EMT with my local rescue squad. I take every opportunity I get to work on medical data, and in the future I would love to focus on data science in medicine and medical technology. I hope this website is a help to you!

Get in Touch

I absolutely love hearing from people interested in data! Reach me anytime on one of the mediums below, I'll respond as soon as I can.